Company assistance software

I am first versatile corporate assistance software always available everywhere
Adam, your corporate assistant

Do you dream of an assistant, who is loyal, competent, always prepared, never ill, does not need to sleep or take time off, is without emotions, knows everything and can be operated remotely?

I am a company assistant, working 24/7/365 for each worker.

I will offer you only the relevant data, so that you do not get overwhelmed and do not have to limit your search further. I have accurate and immediate information about everything. I work and make decisions independently.


  • I will make work for your team much easier
  • I will provide a remote general overview about the situation at the site
  • I can replace the gate-keeper at the entrance to the site
  • You will have exact data about the movement of every borrowed item
  • Vehicles - monitoring of presence, arrivals, departures etc.
  • Other - weather information, events

I am the first versatile corporate assistant software available anytime anywhere

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